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Freedom and Incarceration

The Divine Feminine

Birth and Death

Elementals/nature spirits

Sacred Union

Dualities of light and dark

are recurring themes in Sadie's work since her undergraduate days in Belfast. Above is a selection of paintings which embody aspects and symbolism relating to Irish bogland and is a continuation of Sadie's Tuam work.

See 'The Pure Heart legacy project' and visit her blog


The word Tuam means Tumulus or burial mound and this work directly references all that is buried on a physical level but also how esoteric knowledge and what was wild and natural was either obliterated or concealed.

'Sidhe' are earthen mounds which in Irish folklore are believed to be the home of the Aos Sí (The people of the mounds) The sidhe are considered to be a distinct race, quite separate from humans

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“When you lose all sense of self the bonds of a thousands chains will vanish.
Lose yourself completely, return to the root of your own soul.” Rumi


Below is a YOUTUBE link to a short film entitled 'Home Baby' by Sadie which is a homage to the Tuam Mother and Baby Home survivors. 


    Fragments of testimony by survivors from the Tuam Mother and Baby Home, predominantely - Julia Carter Devaney